Friday, 15 July 2016

A look Into R&G's Wedding

Hi Friends
I thought i come in for a quick hello and to share a little clip from a wedding we did for Rebone and Glory on the 14th May at Green Leaves Country Lodge in Hartbeespoort . 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

My camera happy walk-through at green leaves country lodge & venue

Nothing excites me more than having a wedding a venue for the first time. I will be having a wedding at Green Leaves Country Lodge and Venue in the coming months and it will be a first for me at this venue.

I must say, the beauty here just got me too camera happy :-)

I did not mind waiting for my client who was running a bit late because my view was so peaceful

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lieo and Lebusa

Planning and styling Lineo and Lebusa's wedding felt just like working with friends, simply because i have known these two lovely souls for years. They were a relaxed couple which made their wedding very calm and classy.

 They clearly share a love that is undoubtedly going to stand the test of time.

Lineo's gorgeous,  perfectly fitted dress was the main inspiration behind the overall decor of the wedding

I wish them all the best in their new life together. 

Mint Photography

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Thenji's Baby Shower

On the 18th January i got the pleasure of planning and styling my sister Thenji's Baby Shower.
Nothing gave Ebu and I more joy than discovering that our little sister was going to become a mother.
Because Thenji and Molamu are expecting a baby boy, we decided to go for duck egg blue colour and white. 

I just loved these edgy images from Thenji and Molamu's maternity shoot so much, that I just had to incorporate them  as part of the table decor details.  How cool and adorable are their #team Atang     t-shirts? 
I cannot begin to describe how amazing it has been, being pregnant at the same time with my sister. To be able to share this journey with her has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. As  this is not my first rodeo, i swear Thenji consults with me more than she does her own doctor hahahaha!! According to her, her big sister knows a whole lot about pregnancies.
 I am loving every minute of it!!
Of course, the cherry on top is how Ebu is already spoiling these two babies rotten, even before they arrive. I am scared to see how crazy she is going to get when they finally get here
Celebrating the showering of Baby Atang with friends and family made this event much more special.
I know Thenji felt loved

We cannot wait to meet Atang and watch you become what we all know will be an incredible mother!!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

2015 A Year in Review

I cannot believe how fast 2015 has come and gone, When the year started i gave it a word to represent my intentions. That word was IMPLEMENT. Even though i succeeded in implementing most of the things i hoped to, i had no idea that 2015 had a word of its own for me, and that word was LEARN.

As an entrepreneur who does what i am so passionate about, its easy to forget that my business is my livelihood and i need to do exactly that..make a living off of it. In the past i had been guilty loving my job and my brides so much that i neglected the business aspect of things. When the year began i was forced to take a thorough  look at my business and what wasn't working and what i needed to do to fix it. Here are a few highlights

 1. I learned that i don not have to figure EVERYTHING out by myself and it is OK to learn from those who have walked the path before me, even though that often means investing large sums it was really vital at this point in my business.  I attended The Rising Tide Summit and The Time and Light Workshop. Although the two were totally different in terms of content and the experience i got. I walked away with extremely valuable information that helped me level up my business.

 I also learned a very important lesson from attending one of these;  Although i did not receive what i had hoped, i learned that sometimes it is through not getting the answers you seek that you truly learn and grow. That experience only forced me to look within myself for those answers, and i gained so much confidence as a wedding planner.

 I am an eternal learner who is never content that i know enough, and i look forward to investing more in myself  in 2016 so i can be the best wedding planner i can be for my clients.

2. In the past years i believed all i needed to do was have a website up that just tells people what i do and throw in a few portfolio pictures. However in 2015 i released that was not a true reflection of how i wanted to connect with my prospective clients. I yearned for a website  that made it easy for couples to understand my services and how this services can help them from the moment they get engaged and to when the say i do, a website that not only shows my creativity but also one that is  authentic and presents  YWE in  an open and  transparent way, and finally a website that does not leave couples guessing and wondering, but provides them with all the information on what to expect when they work with me.
This yearning saw me launching my new website. Although it is still a working progress, the goal is to have all this achieved by the end of February 2016. ( Check out the website then)

3. I refined my Wedding Planning Process to make it easy for my clients to follow throughout our  wedding planning journey. This was part of wanting to make the experience my clients have with working with YWE to be as effortless, transparent yet effective as possible. I have since used this new process on a few weddings and the results far exceeded my expectations. I mostly love how relaxed my brides get during the wedding planning journey  since the use of this new wedding planning process.

4. I am glad creativity can never be used up. When you are a creative, you need to continue creating and honing your craft. I realised that i don't have to wait to design and style a client's wedding to let my creative juices flow and bring my designs to live. From this retalisation, i designed, styled and coordinated my first styled shoot, which i was truly proud of. I hope to do more in 2016.

So what word to i have for 2016 you ask? Well 2016 is looking so exciting it deserves a sentence; "LET IT HAPPEN" i fee like i have spend so many years planning, strategising and implementing, that this year is the year i should just enjoy planning, designing and styling weddings for all the wonderful couples that  i get the honor of working with. This is the year i will just let it all happen.

I wish you a wonderful 2016 and hope that you do more of what makes your heart skip and puts a smile on your face.