Monday, 27 July 2015

Supplier Sport Light; Phatsima Jewellery Designs

From the moment a man decides to propose to his future wife, to when they make an everlasting commitment in front of their friends and family on their wedding day, a ring is usually at the center of this joyous occasion. Traditionally a symbol of eternity, a ring has no beginning and no end therefore signifies infinity.

Today i am  chatting  with Nontando Molefe, the founder and creative brain behind Phatsima Jewellery Designs, to learn more about what it takes to create awe inspiring jewellery. Besides being super excited about this interview  i am thrilled that Phatsima will be sharing a 10% off  Voucher with our readers. 

      Your Wedding Expert: Tell us a little bit more about Phatsima Jewellery Designs

Nontando Molefe:   Phatsima Jewellery Designs is a company which specializes in high end custom made jewellery.

1     YWE:  When was it established?

NM: The vision of Phatsima has been alive for many years but the company started trading in 2009.

   YWE: Do you have a formal training in  Jewellery designs and creation, if so tell us more about it?

NM: Yes I do. I have a National Diploma in Jewellery design and manufacturing from the University of Johannesburg. I am currently doing a Post Graduate course of Advanced Jewellery Designing through the Jewellery Council and Damlin.

1     YWE: What influences your designs and from where do you draw your inspiration?

NM: I draw inspiration from everything around me which catches my attention such as nature, culture, current trends and I also love ornate patterns. My main inspiration is from my clients. It is amazing how each person is different and each client always takes me to a different place and I absolutely love that! All Phatsima clients have a unique piece of jewellery which has their own personal touch.

2    YWE: What is a typical design process like at Phatsima, when designing engagement and wedding rings for a couple? Take us through the process, from the first correspondence with a couple to the finished custom piece

  •      The process begins with a phone call. I speak to the client about what they are looking for.
  • ·    I then send them an email of different wedding ring designs for them to choose from and we schedule a meeting. Some clients already know what they want and there is no need to send them new designs.
  •      During the meeting we finalise the designs, the gem stones sizes and the quality they would like, ring sizing as well as the budget.
  •       I then send a quotation of their final ideal rings within 4 working days depending on how rare the diamond is. If the ring is a completely new concept I send sketches of the design with the quotation.
  •           Once the client is happy with their choice and the price I then require a 50% deposit to start the manufacturing process.
  •       Week 1 of the manufacturing process:  Depending on the complexity of the design I send the client a 3D design of how the ring will look and I only proceed once given a go head from the client. The 3D design shows you exactly how the final product will look. We then print and    manufacture the jewellery and order the required diamonds
  •       Week 2: The client is given an update of the manufacturing process
  •       Week 3: The client is given the day in which the jewellery piece will be ready and we prepare    for collection.
  •        The balance is then settled before the rings are collected or delivered to the client.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Choosing the right venue for your wedding

One of the most important elements when planning your wedding, is choosing the right location from which  it will be held. Picking the correct venue for your wedding is absolutely essential, as it will  act as a canvas that will set the tone of  the experience you and your guests will have, the aesthetic of the wedding as well as the overall cost to your wedding budget.

Knowing what to look for and which questions to ask when scouting for the perfect wedding venue can  help you properly compare the venues you visit and easily determine which venue best works for you and your vision for your wedding. 

So what do you need to look for and what are the correct questions to ask when you visit a wedding venue for the first time? The one list i always take with me when visiting a venue i have never worked with, is my "Venue Site Visit Check List." I created this list to help me get all the important information about the venue on the very first visit, so that there are no surprises after i have committed my client's wedding to take place there.  
  Today i am thrilled to share this "Check List" with you, to help you determine if  a venue is the perfect fit for your wedding?  Click Here to download this helpful FREE resource

Happy Planning 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

DIY Wedding? 3 things you should leave to the pros

You have heard it once and maybe too many times, that weddings are a bit costly. with this fact in mind, many brides choose to go the DIY route with the hope and aim of saving a few rands along the way.
As a wedding planner i am always for saving money and ensuring that my clients stay within their budget. However if you are going to have a wedding, it is best to do it right. While you can save money by doing your own wedding favors, or skimping on that rental Rolls Royce and opting for your beautiful Audi for transportation instead, there are certain things you cannot DIY without risking your wedding looking disorganized and somewhat sloppy. 

Below are 3 elements that i feel you cannot get away with, being DIY for your wedding;

1. Wedding Planner/coordinator 

Ok, ok, i know i am a bit biased when it comes to this one, as i am a wedding planner and would probably love for my phone to start ringing off the hook from brides hoping to book my services right after they read this.. (hahaha). However, jokes aside, not only will a professional wedding planner save you money in a long run, because they have a team of reputable suppliers to pair you with, but they will ensure that your vision is flawlessly executed, taking the pressure off of you, your friends and family who should enjoy themselves as guests on the wedding day. The biggest miss conception is that your everyday bride cannot afford a wedding planner and i am here to dispel that myth.  
Wedding planners have and array of packages that they tailor to suit various needs and budgets. It is  just up to you to choose a package that suits you best.

2. Photographer

So you have a friend who has a fancy camera and has learned all the editing techniques on YouTube. Why bother hiring a professional photographer when you can save thousands of rands, you ask?  Well a professional photographer is more than a fancy camera and editing techniques. They have invested thousands of rands in state of the art equipment and education. They know how to utilize lighting, poses and angles to guarantee that your wedding pictures are perfect. A professional photographer will take your day seriously, and is solely there to get the job done. They, unlike your friend, will not be seen taking time off to mingle or cue up at the bar, in the process missing important shots. 
99 percent of couples who hire armature photographers regret it as soon as they receive those blurry, unflattering images of their wedding, that failed to capture the true beauty of the day. You only have this one day, and this one day only, there are no do-overs, so make sure you get the right person to capture every important minute of it.

3. Caterer 

One of the things that people will remember about a wedding is the food. They will rave about it being delicious, but they will also talk a lot about it being bad. We all have that one person in the family who can cook like a five star restaurant chef... OK maybe not a five star chef...but you know what i mean. That person who is trusted to cook for all the small family gatherings. It might look like a great idea to save money by asking them to cook for your wedding. However, your wedding is one of the largest events that you are most likely to ever plan in your life, and there are a lot of logistics, details and knowledge  that goes into catering for an event of that magnitude. Not only does a professional caterer  know how to cook for a large number of people, but they know how to create a menu that caters for various dietary requirements, (which is essential when you are catering for  large crowds) and have the capacity to transport all that is needed safely to the wedding venue.

I say, you cannot put a price tag on peace of mind, and a bit of guaranteed quality that comes with hiring a professional to do the job.

Friday, 10 July 2015

The Simplified Guest List

One of the few things a couple must do on their own, even if they have enlisted the help of a professional wedding planner, is decide who they will invite to their wedding.
This is because they know best who they would love to share their special day with.
This task can often be daunting, especially when you have a limited guest count for your wedding (which is usually the case) How do you decide?

A fun and easy solution I give to my clients is The Simplified Guest List Info-graphic. If you are getting married soon and you find yourself struggling with your wedding guest list, i would like to share with you this info-graphic and hope it makes things a bit easier for you.

Happy Planning

Xo Nonceba