Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to achieve an unplugged wedding

We now live in a world where advanced technology and social media keeps us wanting to capture and post every moment we experience, instead of being present in the moment. This is especially true for those special moments in our lives and the lives of our family and friends.  Having witnessed many weddings, I have seen this habit grow more and more problematic. Guests holding iPads, phones and cameras to try and capture every moment of their loved one's wedding to quickly tweet, share or Instagram it. OK! I must admit that I have been guilty of this myself, but this was before I knew any better. But when you know better, you do better.

So what's wrong with your friends and family snapping away at your nuptials?
Here are a few reasons why you should consider putting a stop to this at your wedding and have an unplugged wedding.

1. An unplugged wedding means your guests will be fully present during each moment of this important day of your life. Instead of being distracted by trying to take the perfect shot.

2. It will keep the devices out of your guests faces so that the official professional photographer can take proper photographs of all the guests at the wedding.